Re: Plea for features

From: gorest <>
Date: Sat Dec 15 2012 - 23:30:53 CET
>  First I second the plea for marks. Very useful, especially for easily preselecting certain parts of a piece (verse, bridge, chorus...) to copy them.
>  then I didn't see a means so far, to determine, how long the current track is. I ended up selecting generously and hoping, that this would get all the track.

Hello Julien,

I've began integrating markers in midish, but lacking time those days, the development is on hold. It is already working, but found some strange things that i have not debugged yet. I may come back to coding in the next weeks.
If i did well, and alexandre validate my work (and he doesn't do it faster than me) it will exist someday ;)

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