Filter problems - not able to record

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Mon Jul 15 2013 - 14:42:39 CEST
Hello again!
   It is strange. I have multiple devices connected to my computer, all as 
separate MIDI devices. There are a couple of them defined in the .midishrc 
directly like this:
dnew 0 "MAudio Delta 1010" rw
inew xp {0 0}
onew xp {0 0}
   and so on. A couple of them can be added using procedures, because they are 
USB devices and only show up, when turned on.
   So in my project I did this:
# add all necessary devices
# add new track:
tnew raggatronic
# map triton keyboard to jv-module (called xp):
fnew xp_filt
fmap {any triton} {any xp}
# record track
# add second track used for different synth:
tnew brute_bass
# result no events in track.
# set no filter:
tsetf nil
# horrible overlapping noise from the jv/xp module
   What can I do, to just record that second device? Or what am I doing wrong, 
for I was able to do it before.
   Warm regards

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