Re: Possible feature requests?

From: raf <>
Date: Sat Nov 16 2013 - 20:18:49 CET
here attached are the diffs to patch the code. My development is one year old, so i made a cvs checkout first then made corrections for the conflicts. Well, what i have achieved is simpler than what i remembered :
-import markers from a midi file
-display markers list with minfo
that's all...

Sorry kevin it won't help you much, we'd better wait for alex implementation. Nevetheless, it is here for you if needed.

You need to checkout the midish code with cvs as mentioned on the website, then apply the patches, configure, and  make.


Le 14 nov. 2013 ŗ 15:54, Kevin Utter a ťcrit :

>>> Hi Raphael! I would be interested in what you have. I suspect I could handle the patches, but I could use a little guidance perhaps. It may depend on how you did your patches. I'm simi-familiar with programming, but still dangerous! :) But thanks much, if you still have it. I'm not so concerned about importing MIDI markers at present, as long as I can create and use them in  MIDISH.  Thanks again very much.
>>> Kevin

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