Possible feature requests?

From: Kevin Utter <kvutter_at_frii.com>
Date: Thu Nov 14 2013 - 01:41:27 CET
Hi Alexandre.  I don't know if this has been asked before, but have you considered a way of adding markers at specific positions?  It would be nice if one could add a marker at the current position, then at least list them to see their names and locations.  There is a marker feature in MIDI files, but I'd be happy even if this weren't compatible with those, as long as they would save in the .sng file, and could be created, deleted, and perhaps modified or moved.  

I have asked before about the following, and I hope I will be able to keep your concerns in mind during this proposal.  I do a lot of recording without a metronome so that phrasing and tempo can be natural as its played rather than having to re-manufacture the feel after the fact with tempo control.  Doing this creates problems when there is a need to cut and paste sections which often don't start at measure boundaries.  I understand your use of frames and why, and why this prevents currently editing at other points than measure boundaries.  Would it be possible to slide a portion of a track, forward or back in time without modifying your frame checking plan?  And could this be done by beats and ticks?  If this doesn't work, what about adding measure boundaries at arbitrary points?  This wouldn't be as elegant, but if it would be easier to do it could be a workable situation for what I'm doing.  But I suspect that might cause even more problems.  I believe you said before that changing the selection spec to something other than measures wouldn't be very easy either.  My main concern is to find a way to make two sections match up together, even if they don't start and end at a measure boundary.  I'd be surprised if I were the only one doing this, as there are a lot of times a real-time performance might need to be captured.  I don't expect to make that live performance match up to measure boundaries after that point, but if I could some how move parts by smaller increments, that would be very helpful.  If you need further clarification, please let me know.  Hopefully I'm not asking too much here.  And I thought that since events can occur at any point, perhaps they could somehow be moved in a group to a later or earlier point.  Thanks for reading and considering this.  I do find MIDISH extremely useful.  Thank you for all you've done with it.

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