Filtering on ctl values & intervals

From: Jarl Nilsson <>
Date: Tue Jan 12 2016 - 02:50:15 CET

I'm trying out the midish 1.1.1 for some quite basic CC mapping tasks and
I'm very happy with it. However, I just ran into something that seems to be
a problem requiring the possibility to specify ctl events more exactly,
down to value intervals.

My situation is that I receive a CC value to be interpreted into three
distinct levels where I'd need to map the three levels into two other CC
events with different values from what I received. Something
along the line of the below if you can follow:

 fmap {ctl in 3:0..63} {ctl out 4:127} # All values in interval 0...63 from
ctl 3 would yield a 127 on ctl4,
 fmap {ctl in 3:0..63} {ctl out 5:1} # along with a 1 on ctl 5.

This far I haven't seen any way to do this. Have I missed something?

If I haven't, perhaps the evpat pattern could be extended or "abused" in
some way? It would be of great help if there's some (not too effort-rich)
way to achieve this!

Best regards,

Jarl Nilsson
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