Re: Filtering on ctl values & intervals

From: RaphaŽl Mouneyres <>
Date: Sun Jan 17 2016 - 14:21:21 CET

rereading the revelant section of user manual ( ) 
a note says "The source and destination event sets must be of the same type and must contain ranges of the same size"
So what you're asking looks like it is not doable as you source range is bigger than the destination range.


Le 12 janv. 2016 ŗ 02:50, Jarl Nilsson <> a ťcrit :

> My situation is that I receive a CC value to be interpreted into three distinct levels where I'd need to map the three levels into two other CC events with different values from what I received. Something
> along the line of the below if you can follow: 
>  fmap {ctl in 3:0..63} {ctl out 4:127} # All values in interval 0...63 from ctl 3 would yield a 127 on ctl4, 
>  fmap {ctl in 3:0..63} {ctl out 5:1} # along with a 1 on ctl 5.
> This far I haven't seen any way to do this. Have I missed something? 
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