Re: midish and jack_umidi

From: J. C. <>
Date: Sun Nov 20 2016 - 10:29:53 CET
Hi Davud,
Nov 20 2016, david has written:
> But I have since moved to freebsd and
> it has miminal support unless you use jack_umidi
That is surprising, because, afaik, Midish is developed on Freebsd.
> Is this something that can  be done?
I sometimes use Midish with jack_midi on Linux, but only through the
ALSA/JACK midi bridges. There is no direct JACK support in Midish, since
I believe - JACK works quite differently from the MIDI models close to
the hardware.

Isn't the sndio option something that works on Freebsd? Sorry, I have no
experience with that myself.
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