Re: Midish compilation issue on Linux

From: Alexandre Ratchov <>
Date: Mon Dec 19 2016 - 15:43:51 CET
On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 01:15:27PM +0100, Jeanette C. wrote:
> Hi Alexandre,
> I noticed a compilation problem on Linux with the latest snapshot tarball.
> The linker complains about not finding the function strlcpy. This is a BSD
> extension. To properly compile the flag:
> -lbsd
> must be added to the LIBS option. I'm not sure if it is strictly necessary
> to also include bsd/string.h , but it would be a good idea, since the
> manpage suggests it.


This is fixed in git.  I just uploaded a new snapshot with the fix,

> Another question: where can I find a list of changes and new features of the
> latest Midish versions. The manual appears to be slightly behind the current
> release.

No much functional changes except few bug fixes.  Recent
development is mostly about tty handling: editting, history and
completion are now supported by the midish binary; no readline is
required anymore and the rmidish BINARY is not built by default.
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