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From: Jeanette C. <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020 21:55:05 +0200 (CEST)
Hey hey Igor!

Oct 15 2020, Igor Piccini has written:
> is possible that Midish is sending 96 ticks for quarter note instead of 24?
I have sync'ed Midish with other hard and software devices. In version
1.3.0 I had some issues sync'ing outside equipment to Midish. But
sync'ing Midish to outside equipment has always worked steadily.

Midish does certainly receive 24 pulses per quarter note (PPQ). I have
however experience oddities when importing some external MIDI. Midish
would playback much too slow. You could experiment with setfac for a
playback factor, or just send a slower clockkrate.

for further analysis you might try a BPM detection tool. There are a few
on Linux, which should run on other Unix platforms. The package aubio
offers a tempo detection. That way you might record a kmick drum
foor-to-the-floor at 120BPM and then analyse the tempo of a recorded
audio. That way you can get the exact mismatch.


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