Sync to external metronome/device

From: Igor Piccini <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020 20:55:37 +0200

i need to synchronize Midish to external devices like metronomes and 
keyboards (in this case i have a Boss DB-90 device and Roland keyboards) 
and i tried also synching with other softwares, but without good 
Reading Midish documentation seems that is possible and enabling this 
with "dclkrx devnum" (and start correctly) with multiple ticks of 96 
("clkrate" docs say:"number of ticks per whole note, default is 96, 
which corresponds to the MIDI standard") ... the external devices 
receives the start and stop signals, but the tempo is overflowing (many 
many times faster than the real one).
I tried to analyze the problem and reading midi standard documentations 
i found this:

clock (decimal 248, hex 0xF8)
start (decimal 250, hex 0xFA)
continue (decimal 251, hex 0xFB)
stop (decimal 252, hex 0xFC)

MIDI beat clock, or simply MIDI clock, is a clock signal that is 
broadcast via MIDI to ensure that several MIDI-enabled devices such as a 
synthesizer or music sequencer stay in synchronization. Clock events are 
sent at a rate of 24 pulses per quarter note.

is possible that Midish is sending 96 ticks for quarter note instead of 
Or the problem have to be found in other problems?

Thanks a lot for developing and support MIDISH!!

Best regards,

Igor Piccini

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