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Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2021 09:39:59 +0100 (CET)
Hi Matthew!
Jan 25 2021, Matthew Bockol has written:
> I've tried turning on the metronome, but
> I'm guessing that sound would be coming out of the PI's own audio
No, Midish has no audio. The metronome sends out MIDI notes to a synth.
You can configure to which synth. You have the metrocf command for that.
Example, you have create channel names for your synths. Something like:
onew synth1_channel1 {0 0}
onew synth1_channel2 {0 1}
Now you want to play the metronome to synth1_channel10 MIDI notes 84
(fifth C on most keyboards) at full velocity and MIDI note 79 on the
down beats at reduced velocity:
metrocf {non synth1_channel10 84 127} {non synth1_channel10 79 90}

For more take a look at the manual section 3 and 4 for inew and onew to
name input and output channels and section 8.2 for the metronome.
> a) is it possible to have midish start recording either with the first note
> received from the keyboard or some other midi signal ( I have a midi foot
> pedal I could press to use a non-note trigger too )
Yes, you have tap and tapev. To trigger the actual start of recording by
any MIDI event from your keyboard channel, called keys_in:
tapev {any keys_in}
tap start
r # will only begin recording on the first incoming MIDI event from your

For more info see the manual section 20.10.
> b) is it possible to shift an existing recording to erase the silent
> partial measure at the start ( like a partial sel 0.25 ; tcut )?
No. Some shiftging mechanism working on a note or bar note tick basis
would be nice, but it's not there.

To partially "improve" your recorded material you can quantise notes to
snap to the nerest quarter, eighth or any other denomination of choice.
See the manual section 9.5 for more.


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