Re: Block active sensing from being sent

From: Jeanette C. <>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2022 10:12:26 +0200 (CEST)
Oct 18 2022, Alexandre Ratchov has written:
> If active sensing causes problems to the synth, then there's a bug to
> fix. Either midish will break other synths (if the bug is in midish),
> or other MIDI controllers will break your synth. Any hints how to
> reproduce the problem?
Well, I was wrong. The problem is not active sensing, but Mikdish
appears to send MIDI status byte 144 with note number and velocity 0 as
note off. Having to handle the status messages myself I was looking for
128 (MIDI note off command byte) to turn off notes. For now, I have
changed the note off condition to also include note on with velocity 0.
I know that my synthesizers themselves send the proper note off
messages, though only one of them actually uses the note off velocity.

Could you perhaps, in time, change that so Midish sends the note off
command byte? This would be nice, it avoids interesting surprises. This
must have been a problem with one other piece of outboard equipment I
had, which would double trigger. It was changed because hardware
implmenetations should be robust. :)

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