Can't get a routing/filter to work

From: Simon Brem <>
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2022 23:00:25 +0100
Hi there,

I want to convert cc events from one controller of a device to another 
controller of another device. I'm using alsa-midi. First I want to do no 
conversion at all, just routing. I came this far: If I monitor the 
source controller, I see cc-events with aseqdump. If I monitor the 
output device, I see SysEx messages from Midish, and "Active Sensing" 
while in idle mode or play mode. But no midi-events from my source 
controller. I can also play a midi file to the output, everything fine.

This is what I'm doing in rmidish:

dnew 0 "16:0" wo        (write only, destination)
dnew 1 "129:0" ro        (read only, source)
fnew myfilter                (new filter)
fmap {ctl 1} {ctl 0}    (route all cc messages from dev 1 to dev 0)
i                                    (idle mode for connecting midi devices)

With "aseqdump -l" I see everything is connected properly. But there's 
just no data arriving at my destination device from the source-device. 
Only SysEx from the Midish itself. What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards,
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