Re: Getting started with midish

From: Bob van der Poel <>
Date: Sun Aug 30 2009 - 23:40:02 CEST
Thanks so much! This is becoming clear.

Yes, the biggest problem was setting the proper channels via the alsa port
set. As you say, the manual and examples weren't clear about the "/dev/xx"
versus "16:0" naming issues. I should have tried the alsa version (which I'm
used to anyway) ... but I thought I was following instructions :)

Nor did I know that the /etc/midishrc file was being ignored by smfplay/rec
scripts. Okay, understand that now.

I did manage to, very simply, do a short recording and playback. So, it's
working here.

I'll have to play a bit with the scripts and get the play-a-file,
record-a-2nd file as per your example. Maybe this can get expanded into
smfrec? I'll have a look.

Thanks .... more questions later, I'm sure, but this will get me going.

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