Re: No output sound! Debian 6.0 amd64

From: Fortea <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 2012 - 13:16:36 CEST

12/06/12 22:06:44, Julien Claassen <>:
Hello Fortea!
First make sure, that your Timidity is outputting anything. You can use it
to play a MIDI file directly.

 Yes, it sounds good with this command: "timidity file.midi", but with midish can't hear anything. I use these commands:

load "sample.sng"

The numbers start to flow, but it seems like anything is outputted.

Then you could try to use the port name, rather the port number, since that may change from setup to setup.

 dnew 0 "TiMidity port 0" wo

I have this error:
alsa_open: couldn't parse alsa port

The same using rw.

12/06/12 23:20:04, Alexandre Ratchov <>:
out of curiousity what happens? are packages broken in some way or
do binaries crash?

The package from midish website doesn't work because it is for i386 (I'm working on AMD64).
The one from debian official mirror seems he lacks all the commands, he says:
<command>:no such proc

it doesn't have the bars number at the prompt.

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