Re: midish + MIDI remote?

From: raf <>
Date: Thu Oct 24 2013 - 21:27:59 CEST

well mididings can do one thing i've used : execute shell commands
It is written in python and a typical command is as simple as : mididings "Filter(NOTEON) >> KeySplit({60: System('./'),61: System('killall ecasound'),})" 
here two notes (60 and 61) would triggers two different shell commands. Good example are on mididings website

It is not exactly like simulating keyboard strokes to send commands to midish, but maybe there is a way to do it in the shell script ?


Le 24 oct. 2013 ŗ 20:18, Julien Claassen a ťcrit :

> Hello Tim!
>  I don't know about such built-8in functionality either. But I've heard about mididings. Not sure if it can do that automatically or if it is only the patched version of a friend. but he adjusted mididings to sent commands to a terminal based on MIDI input. At least in that combination it should do exactly what you need.
>  If you're interested, I'll check back with my friend and patch you two up.
>  Warm regards
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