Re: Insall Error?

From: Jeanette C. <>
Date: Wed Feb 06 2019 - 21:17:30 CET
Feb 6 2019, Kevin Utter has written:

> Hi!  If I may include the output of “make” perhaps it will explain what I’m doing wrong to install MIDISH on my RPI3 on Raspbien.
> pi@raspberrypi:~/midish/midish $ sudo make
> cc   -DUSE_ALSA -c builtin.c
> as: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
> Makefile:69: recipe for target 'builtin.o' failed
Hi Kevin,
this is just an assumption from a cursory examination and some
searching: it looks like your gcc/as package might be wrong. This
happened with other Debian packages when they were built against old
versions of libraries. Perhaps you could try to update your system?

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