Re: Insall Error?

From: Kevin Utter <>
Date: Thu Feb 07 2019 - 18:44:43 CET
Hi all, and thanks for your responses. After reading them and attempting some more research of my own, I checked that GCC was there, and also Binutils-dev, which seemed to be indicated as needed. I got the same resulting error message. I haven't attempted to update my Rasbian Jesse yet as I need to verify how to do it. So far I don't see much relating to libbfd except perhaps in binutils-dev. But I'm also fairly in the dark about Linux in general. If I need to start over with a new OS image, I will need some time for planning all that start-over, but I will try that if necessary. Any other advice is welcome. sorry if I'm not sharp enough to figure this out myself. 

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