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From: Matthew Bockol <>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2022 00:36:47 -0500
Thanks. I'm still banging my head against this.  I've pared down my setup
and .midishrc as much as possible but am still having problems.  The
hardware is as follows:

Keystep (not the Pro this time) -> USB connection -> Raspberry Pi running
midish (latest release).

(Same) Raspberry Pi -> USB to MIDI adapter -> 1 in / 5 out Midi splitter ->
IK UNO (listening on channel 15)  & Volca Sample (listening on channel 1)

My .midishrc looks like this:

 # keystep
dnew 0 "28:0" ro

# USB to MIDI adapter
dnew 1 "24:0" wo

tnew sonder
fnew default
fmap { any 0 } { any 1 }
tsetf default
dclktx { 1 }

When I start midish with this I can use the Keystep to change to channel 1
and play the Volca and switch to channel 15 an play the UNO.  If I start
play or record mode in midish then the sequences recorded directly on the
UNO and Volca start to play. These are sequences on those devices, not
notes being sent my midish.  If I stop playing/recording the sequences on
the UNO and Volca stop.  Hitting play on the Keystep or adjusting the tempo
there does nothing.

So I thought, I need to set midish to listen to the clock sync on the
Keystep, so add the following line to .midishrc and restart:

dclkrx 0

Now when I tell midish to start playing / recording it will pause with the
timestamp at [0000:00]>. If I hit play on the keystep then the counter
advances.  If I adjust the tempo on the keystep the counter responds
appropriately moving faster and slower.  However, the sequences local to
the Volca and UNO don't start like they did before.

I'm hoping I can configure it so that:

a) I start midish and enter record mode
b) midish waits for me to hit play on the keystep then starts, allowing me
to adjust the tempo
c) all the devices on the usb to midi interface start playing their
internal sequences
d) when I hit stop on the keystep all the devices playing their internal
sequences stop ( along with midish's own recorded sequences )

Right now it seems like I have (a) and (b) if I add "dclkrx 0" but lose (c)
and (d), and if I remove "dclkrx 0" I get (c) and (d) but lose (a) and
(b).  Also what hair I have left.  I'm sure I'm doing something dumb, but
at this point I'm not seeing it.

I also tried setting:

dclkrx 0
dclktx { 1 }

dmtcrx 0
dmmctx { 1 }

But that results in (a) (b) (c) and (d) not working.  Midish with "debug
song" enabled reports:

[0000:00]> r
song_record: waiting for a start event...

and when I toggle play / stop on the keystep I see

but the counter doesn't advance and the Uno and Volca don't start either.

Thanks for your help.


If I take the PI and midish completely out of the look and hook the keystep
directly to the 1 in / 5 out Midi splitter then the Volca and Uno start
playing their internal sequences with I hit play on the Keystep and adjust
to the keystep's tempo.

On Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 1:35 PM Jerash music <> wrote:

> Play/stop messages are NOT note messages. They are MMC messages if im not
> mistaken.
> I don't have the midish filters in mind but you need to change the fa/fc
> map to another message type to pass it through.
> Hope that helps.
> Raphaël
> Le jeu. 15 sept. 2022 à 16:45, Matthew Bockol <> a écrit :
>> Hi All,
>> I have a Keystep Pro I'd like to use to trigger starting and stopping
>> playback on several devices.
>> For some devices, I have the keystep sending midi-note information using
>> fmap { any ksp_ctrl_00 } { any uno }
>> When the keystep is on channel 0 it can trigger notes on the uno so long
>> as I'm not in stop mode.
>> For other devices I'm relying on a different keyboard to enter in notes
>> so don't have an equivalent mapping.
>> I'd like them all to use the tempo and playback start/stop signal from
>> the Keystep Pro.
>> For tempo, I have the following defined:
>> dclkrx 10
>> dclktx { 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 }
>> where device 10 is the keystep pro and devices 0-8 are a couple of
>> volcas, a pair of midi-to-usb adapters, and some other odds and ends.
>> Before I had the keystep I could start playback and adjust tempo with
>> midish directly ( t 120 , then p to play ) but so far I haven't been able
>> to get the keystep to trigger playback / controll tempo on the other
>> devices ( the volca's have their own sequencers I'd like to use ).
>> When I run debug mididev 1 I can see the midi start (fa) and stop (fc)
>> messages coming from the keystep, but when I tried to map them to all
>> devices:
>> # midi fa start message
>> fmap { note ksp_ctrl_00 250 } { any any }
>> # midi fc stop message
>> fmap { note ksp_ctrl_00 252 } { any any }
>> it reports that the note is out of range.  I'm hoping there's something
>> obvious I'm missing.
>> Thanks,
>> Matt
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