triggering just play start / stop

From: Matthew Bockol <>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 09:37:42 -0500
Hi All,

I have a Keystep Pro I'd like to use to trigger starting and stopping
playback on several devices.

For some devices, I have the keystep sending midi-note information using

fmap { any ksp_ctrl_00 } { any uno }

When the keystep is on channel 0 it can trigger notes on the uno so long as
I'm not in stop mode.

For other devices I'm relying on a different keyboard to enter in notes so
don't have an equivalent mapping.

I'd like them all to use the tempo and playback start/stop signal from the
Keystep Pro.

For tempo, I have the following defined:

dclkrx 10
dclktx { 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 }

where device 10 is the keystep pro and devices 0-8 are a couple of volcas,
a pair of midi-to-usb adapters, and some other odds and ends.

Before I had the keystep I could start playback and adjust tempo with
midish directly ( t 120 , then p to play ) but so far I haven't been able
to get the keystep to trigger playback / controll tempo on the other
devices ( the volca's have their own sequencers I'd like to use ).

When I run debug mididev 1 I can see the midi start (fa) and stop (fc)
messages coming from the keystep, but when I tried to map them to all

# midi fa start message
fmap { note ksp_ctrl_00 250 } { any any }

# midi fc stop message
fmap { note ksp_ctrl_00 252 } { any any }

it reports that the note is out of range.  I'm hoping there's something
obvious I'm missing.

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