ALSA sequencer connections (Yoshimi)

From: Jeanette C. <>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2019 14:09:49 +0200 (CEST)
Hey hey,
I have come across that issue with Yoshimi again, But I also noticed that 
_apparently_ Midish doesn't handle port names with spaces. I tried to connect 
to the DSSI plugin Hexter, run in jack-dssi-host, with its default client and 
port names which do have spaces and it didn't work. From an earlier session I 
found that specifying a space-free name works.

The other old patient is Yoshimi. I can see that Midish connects to and 
disconnects from Yoshimi, since Yoshimi prints out a message when that 
happens. Still I get no sound. I do get sound if I use Yoshimi JACK midi and 
forward it from ALSA.

Looking at the relevant source code in Yoshimi, it looks straight forward 
enough. Set up a port and client - without spaces - and add a few filters, 
might they be the problem? Could you perhaps have a look? In the Yoshimi 
source tar ball it's:
and then the function:
bool AlsaEngine::openMidi(void)
This is almost pure C, because of ALSA's API. I can't see anything out of the 
ordinary with my very limited skills.

Best wishes and many thanks,


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